Restore your Ford classic. By real racing experts!

  • complete or partial restoration
  • body shop & chassis
  • engine overhaul/optimization
  • retro modifications
  • optimization of suspension
  • interior refinement
  • individual customer solutions
  • reproduction of parts
  • … “one-of“ tailor made cars

With almost 50 years of experience in race and sports cars – personally by Walter Wolf – we have long-term experience and a worldwide network of suppliers and personal contacts. Make your dream come true and let your classic Ford restored by WOLF Racing. From the classics of the 70ies/80ies/90ies like Capri RS, Escort turbos, XR’s, Sierra Cosworth, etc. to the 2000 cars like Focus RS, ST, etc. We build/restore it personally for you! ...

Complete & partly restoration of series sports & race cars


From a classic, complete frame off restoration including sandblasting of the chassis, engine overhaul, complete interior renovation, sometimes also the renewal of the harness, WOLF Racing offers also partly solutions. This partial procedure we discuss with you as the customer in detail - to decide the right way by your budget. On demand we search “your very personal car” worldwide by our network of specialists. Just call us …

  • full frame off restoration
  • defined partly restoration
  • “only visual“ restoration
  • “only technic“ restoration
  • circuit & rally cars
  • worldwide search for “your personal car”

Engine overhaul & power kits


Engine overhaul for RS, ST, XR, turbo or Cosworth models. Combined with classic engine power tuning or (contemporary) racing technologies – going back to the late 70ies or 80ies. Walter Wolf as a race driver himself and as the centrepiece of these skills was mainly responsible for building up the FORD works teams in these times with his HRT team. He knows what really counts in detail when it comes to these classic engines, -combined with the technologies and advanced materials of today. Please call us for details to define your personal demands …

  • engine overhaul/revision
  • classic or digital power kits
  • turbocharger overhaul
  • sport and race transmissions
  • classic turbo & Cosworth engines
  • retro modifications with modern RS/ST engines

Sports suspensions & retro modifications


Sports suspensions, Racing suspensions. Classic tuning or race rims/wheels. Customized sports exhausts & mufflers. Also for your classic Ford and your Ford sports car almost everything is possible … up to a “modern driving experience”, a cool exhaust and engine sound and higher output! What really counts is individual, professional consulting by experts - by WOLF Racing. Just talk to us …

  • sports suspension for your classic or youngtimer
  • sports exhausts
  • tuning & race rims/wheels
  • race suspensions
  • racing safety equipment
  • retro modifications with modern RS/ST engines

Interior & (racing) customization


Rat look? No, we do not really like it … as Swabian people we like it more precise, more refined. That is also important for our interiors where we strive for perfection & style. Everything is possible. High-end leather or Alcantara® interiors, classic sports interiors in vinyl, race feeling with contemporary Recaro, Scheel or König bucket seats. And a lot more … (FIVA and FIA) safety equipment with anti-roll bars, roll cages, fire extinguishers, alloy pedals, etc. Everything for making your heart beat faster … just call us for details and defining your personal demands …

  • high-end interiors
  • classic racing (bucket) seats
  • alloy & carbon lightweight parts
  • rollcages & fire extinguishers
  • individual customizing

Individual customer demands & “one of’s”


Sometimes you have a dream … a very personal one of “your car”. Cool, stylish, fast. Maybe your childhood’s dream. WOLF Racing makes it possible – whether it is a Ford classic, a Ford sports car or Ford race car. Together with you we start your very individual project. More than 50 years of experience – by Walter Wolf himself – will make it possible …

Remark: on demand – by only covering our self costs - WOLF Racing starts with you a detailed analysis, consulting and specification of your dream, including a detailed cost estimate and build plan. Just ask for more. Looking forward to hear from you …

  • “almost everything is possible”
  • “Ford children’s dreams“
  • show cars
  • race & sports cars
  • prototypes